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GIF to Animated WebP

GIF to Animated WebP Converter

GIF to Animated WebP converter is a free online program that converts GIF images to animated WebP format.

With this free online converter, you will be able to convert your GIFs into animated WebP files for maximum optimization of your website.

This amazing tool has been designed to make the process of converting GIFs into animated WebP files as simple as possible by providing users with plenty of options when it comes to selecting the best settings for their conversion needs.

In addition, we have made sure that the software works well on all platforms - Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.9 or above, Linux, and Android devices alike!

The program has several useful features, including:

  • Conversion of GIF images to Animated WebP format
  • Conversion of Animated WebP files to GIF images
  • Conversion between various formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP) of animated WebP files.
  • Support for JPEG 2000 codecs (RLE4+).
  • Support for Lossless Encoding with Exif Metadata (EXIF2).

Fast & Optimized Conversion

With the rise of WebP, GIFs have become a thing of the past. People are moving on to other image formats like WebP, and they're not just doing it for one reason: speed.

WebP is a new file format that's designed to reduce the file size by up to 80%. It's also an open-source format that's quickly gaining popularity among developers and designers alike.

But what if you want to convert your GIFs into animated versions of themselves? That's where our free online GIF to Animated WebP converter comes in.

It lets you convert GIFs into animated WebPs—and more importantly, it does it quickly (in just a few seconds).

Free online GIF to WebP Converter

The internet is great for sending your friends videos, and photos. Except when it isn't.

Try to send a video through Facebook or your favorite messaging app and see how long it takes to load. Even then, you'll still be left with a huge file and low-quality image.

Our free GIF to WebP converter can cut down the size of your GIF files by as much as 90%. Unlike other converters, all you have to do is upload your animated GIF and hit convert – no more having to crop and resize each frame.