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PDF to Powerpoint Converter Tool is a simple, free, and online tool that converts PDFs into editable .pptx file formats. The tool supports large files as well, so you don't have to worry about the file size being too big.

You can use this tool to convert PDFs into .pptx files for editing purposes or for sharing with others. You can download the converted file for free and use it anywhere you want!

Convert PDF to .pptx in minutes with our tool. Simply upload a PDF file, and we'll convert it into a PowerPoint presentation file that's ready to use!

Format Retention with Advanced Conversion Process

You know, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you convert PDFs to PowerPoint presentations. For example, the document may have images and attachments that don't work as well in Powerpoint, or it may not be formatted correctly. Or, if you're converting a PDF with hyperlinks in it, the hyperlinks might break.

But one thing we've always been proud of is our PDF to Powerpoint Converter Tool's ability to preserve the layout of your document exactly as it appears on screen—no matter what changes you make! That means that all images and attachments stay intact; hyperlinks are preserved, and the table of contents is still there too!

How do I convert PDF into Powerpoint .pptx format online?

PDF to PPTX Converter Tool is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to convert PDF files into editable PowerPoint format. This online tool allows you to upload your PDF document and convert it into a closed format. Once the conversion is complete, download the PPTX file for editing. The tool also provides you with an option to convert multiple PDF files at a time.

1). Simply upload your PDF document into the tool, click on Convert, and the tool will convert your PDF into a PPTX format.

2). Download the editable PPTX format after it is created and then open it in any word processor or presentation software.

Turn PDFs into Editable, High-Quality .PPTX Slides

So you found an awesome PDF but your presentation has to be in PowerPoint. With that PDF, you need to manually edit file names and insert page breaks so PowerPoint ends up with a new slide for each page of the pdf.

What a pain! Thousands of pages to format.

The solution?

All you need is our free online PDF converter software to turn your Text-only PDF document into PowerPoint Presentation quickly. In addition, it allows moving the pictures over to PowerPoint if they are in the format of JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF.

All in all, an awesome tool for everyone with large amounts of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.