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Watermarking your PDF documents is a great way to protect your copyright. And it's even better when you do it using our Watermark PDF tool!

Our Watermark PDF tool has been designed to be easy to use. So that you can get started right away. Just upload a PDF, choose the text you want to watermark, and add your company name or logo—it's as simple as that!

What makes our tool special is that it helps protect your PDF documents against unauthorized sharing and copying by creating a watermark on them. You can also change the color of the watermark and add text to it. It works with any type of PDF file and requires no software installation.

Lots of Customizations

Watermarking is a great way to protect your PDFs from unauthorized use.

When you create a watermark in our tool, you can choose from several different options, including font, size, and color.

You can also adjust the transparency level so that your watermark will be fully visible or barely visible depending on what effect you want it to have on the viewer's eye.

How do I publish watermark on my PDF pages?

You can create a watermark in our tool and then use it on your PDFs. All you have to do is upload the document, add a watermark if necessary, and then click the "Download" button next to your file name. You'll be able to download your PDF with the watermark already applied.

Customizable Watermark on PDF

PDFs Without watermarks are not fully secure.

Agencies need to send confidential documents – like quotations, proposals, etc – to potential clients by email. Any time you send a PDF file it's possible for an outsider to copy & paste it and redistribute the information. This can be highly damaging! Your documents could be used by your competitors or sold illegally by third-party sites.

Use HNPDFTools.com as a completely free and easy solution to add your logo, brand message, or “confidential" mark to all of your PDF files.